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Creating order from chaos amidst the information explosion - insights from CIO survey

For CIOs, the greatest risk is loss of control over information. This was a key concern for many of the CIOs who participated in our survey.

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Staying ahead of the ever-changing security threat - insights from CIO survey

CIOs told us the growing security threat was one of their top challenges as they balance security with access to information.

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New study finds most CIOs are cloud-ready, but integration is proving challenging

The pressure to deliver increased flexibility, greater agility and faster implementation continues to rise.

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White Paper

CIO White Paper

What we learned from speaking to CIOs across the public sector and regulated industries.

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Product Video

Objective Nexus

Take a tour of Objective Nexus, a SaaS solution for records compliance, enterprise-scale information management and process automation.

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Solution Brief

Next generation information & process governance

Discover how Objective Nexus can help agencies harness the benefits of digital government.

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Security Position

Objective Nexus

Discover how Objective Nexus addresses the core tenants of information security - Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability

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