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When your document has to be as accurate as it is good looking.

Author, approve and publish documents. Support external consultation and engagement. All from one platform.

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Creating critical documents just got easier.

You know the drill: the right content. In the right format. With the right approvals. Using the right process. Incorporating the right feedback.

It’s really hard for today’s teams to keep up with the growing burden of regulated documents that government and industry regulators demand. For many organisations, it’s still a manual process; and you might find you’ve become stuck with disconnected tools that are not fit for purpose.

Objective Keystone has everything you need in one place. A full suite of authoring, publishing and stakeholder engagement tools to automate and manage the entire document production lifecycle. The result: increased speed-to-publishing and a lower cost of compliance.

What is collaborative authoring?

Discover how this cloud-based collaborative authoring solution allows
multiple team members to work on the same document at the same time.


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You focus on the words. We’ll take care of the rest.

Produce documents faster with collaborative authoring

Speed up your project by enabling multiple authors, reviewers and approvers to work on different document content at the same time.

Work on the words, not the format

No matter who is adding content to your document, you won’t waste valuable time reformatting, because publishing templates are built to your exact requirements.

Cascade a change across multiple documents

Updates to common clauses or images can be applied in the common content library and cascaded through all relevant documents instantly.

Eliminate the risk of ‘missing something’

Remove the headache of multiple document versions by having everyone work on a single source of the truth.


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Your stakeholders’ time is scarce: use it wisely with a faster, more efficient approval process.

Reduce the burden of multiple rounds of reviews with multiple stakeholders

Assign team members, subject matter experts, managers and executives specific sections of a document for review and approval.

Collect supporting evidence, while you work

Editor and review notes can be added as contextual information. As comments and changes are made at a content and document level, approvers can save time thanks to having all supporting evidence at their fingertips without needing to open other files.

Lock your content once it’s approved

Once approval has been given, the section of content is locked. You’ll never need to re-review, re-approve or recheck for additional changes made by a colleague, manager, graphic designer or typesetter.


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Say goodbye to Word style battles and your reliance on typesetters

When you’re ready to publish, do it in one click

Save time producing print-ready, digital and HTML versions with a single click using our multi-target publishing engine.

Re-publish easily without the pressure

Easily make last-minute changes and republish in one click without requiring an internal or external typesetter, graphic designer or publisher.

Single source, multiple brands

Produce your documents in multiple brands with ease from a single source document.


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Manage your documents and stakeholders effectively

Use tasks and workflow to drive team activity

Colleagues can work together with shared templates, content and workflows to build impactful, cohesive and consistently structured and branded interactive policy and strategy documents. Choose between simple and advanced workflows to direct your team through the document lifecycle. Automatic task assignment and activity tracking frees up your time from admin to focus on the content.

Process dashboards for management

See at a glance where your document is in the process; identify bottlenecks and follow up with your team’s tasks. Change history, version management, content approvals, comments and actions are all audited and tracked.

Publish your document approvals trail in an instant

For when you need to show who did what and when. Publish a complete verification certificate showing every edit, note and approval. Fully audited review, verification and sign-off processes are managed using workflows, ensuring both statutory and policy requirements are adhered to.


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Manage structured feedback from stakeholders and the community

Be more agile and responsive

In-line, document-based feedback allows you to analyse, respond and report faster to the community during the consultation phase of the document lifecycle.

Be Inclusive! Pick your communication type to suit your purpose and your audience

Everyone communicates differently. Choose from a variety of response mechanisms such as polls, surveys, discussion boards, petitions and more.

Understand your audience over time

Continually build a profile of your users, including their preferences and what documents they have submitted feedback on historically.

Have conversations in the places that matter to your audience

Social media integration enables you to embed polls and surveys on Facebook. Capture tweets and hashtags in our system of record to remain compliant with record keeping legislation. Log in using your LinkedIn or Google account.

Put your information and consultations on the map!

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Put your information and consultations on the map!

Provides citizens with an exciting way to engage with location-based issues.

Better experience via more interactive and dynamic documents

Provide citizens with an easy-to-use, full-screen interactive mapping experience. Allow them to browse, search and filter both textually and geospatially to find information of interest, or discover relevant policy/regulations/content for a particular location.

Make geo-specific policy easily accessible to all citizens

Give citizens the option to subscribe to a location and receive notifications when you release new or updated information relevant to the area of interest.

Avoid duplication of data with GIS integration

Remove the overhead of data duplication by integrating Objective Keystone with your existing GIS system. Surface all of your standard layers and features on a variety of base maps.


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Centralised governance provides efficiency and compliance benefits to your organisation

Generate a record of everything that happened in a few clicks

From common content identification and extraction through to a comprehensive audit of every action; maintenance of historic versions of documents; and supporting notes and contextual information.

Ensure compliance with internal processes and regulatory obligations

Thanks to fully audited review, verification and sign-off processes managed using workflows.

Effortlessly facilitate simple and comprehensive review processes

Involving single or multiple stakeholders, authorities, and across all your documents.

Facilitate easy sign-off for legal and executives

Use automatically generated verification certificates detailing evidence points for key statements and performance data.


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Your highly sensitive data and organisational IP is always safe and secure


All traffic to and from the system can optionally be encrypted to ensure all traffic is protected against network interception, cache browsing and other attach mechanisms.

Virus protected

Every content item uploaded from any user and in any format is automatically scanned for virus and other malware that may cause data loss or other problems.

Access control

Access is governed by user identification and passwords. It can be strengthened by only accepting access requests from known networks.

Security certifications

Objective Keystone is certified to ISO27001:2013. Objective Corporation’s software development services are certified to ISO9001.

Trusted by more than 200 public sector organisations worldwide to produce documents and engage stakeholders

An excellent partnership has been established with Objective Keystone and will continue as the system adapts to any changes required by the new Planning Bill.

Stuart McMillan

South Lanarkshire Council

Used in your industry

Objective Keystone underpins many processes in government and regulated industries. Learn more about how it can be used to manage complex, business-critical documents with ease.

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OBJ Keystone White H

Creating documents just got easier.

Author, review and publish documents.
Support external consultation and engagement.
All from one platform.

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