Meeting the complex demands of PR24 production

A unique and proven approach to complex document creation for PR24 and the business plans it establishes.

Revolutionising PR24 document creation

There is no denying that regulation is needed, but it can be costly and time consuming. Keeping up with the growing burden of complex documents that regulators demand, is getting more challenging for the stakeholders involved.

Business planning is a continuous process for water and wastewater companies, with the new price review cycle beginning almost as soon as the previous has ended. As such, this labour-intensive exercise detracts from delivering on other community outcomes.

And that’s just for Price Review. Add in your Water Resource Management Plans, Flood Risk Management Plans and River Basin Management Plans, etc. and the resourcing issue escalates further. Objective Keystone offers the solution.

A unique approach to authoring, approving and publishing your regulatory documents

Our customers have transformed resource intensive, document creation and collaboration processes, driving efficiencies and costs savings in the production of regulatory documents.

Objective Keystone has everything you need in one place. A full suite of authoring, publishing and approval tools to automate and manage the entire document production lifecycle.

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Meet the complex demands of PR24 plan production

Join the Objective Keystone team to discover how customers have been able to drive efficiencies and costs savings in the production of their regulatory documents. Learn how to:

  1. Produce documents faster with collaborative authoring
  2. Automate review and approvals processes
  3. Publish branded documents and plans in just one click

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Savings of £80k+ achieved through reduced design and formatting costs associated with the production and publishing of the price review.

Stakeholder-wide collaborative authoring

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Stakeholder-wide collaborative authoring

Say goodbye to using outdated tools, spreadsheets, documents, track changes, and email trails.

Produce documents faster with collaborative authoring

Speed up your document creation process by enabling multiple authors, reviewers, and approvers from across the organisation (as well as external consultants) to collaborate on different content from one master document, at the same time.

Relieve the pain of collating and checking hundreds of pages from multiple documents

Editing is intuitive, version control means you can check changes or roll back, and audit trails give document owners visibility of all activity.

Eliminate duplication

Type once and update everywhere by cascading re-usable content such as definitions, charts, tables, images and more across documents, avoiding the need for content duplication.

Improved Process Automation

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Improved Process Automation

Get documents over the line faster with automated workflows, task-driven notifications and an audit trail that delivers visibility of every approval.

Remove the bottleneck of multiple reviewers

Assign team members, departments and managers specific sections of a document for review and approve simultaneously.

Know who approved what and when

Version control, approvals, comments and proposed changes are audited and tracked on a section-by-section basis.

Eliminate stakeholder fatigue and duplication

Update and approve the common content once and use it many times.

Publish with just one click

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Publish with just one click

Create branded documents and plans in an instant with multi-channel, publishing.

Leverage the power of one-click publishing

Save time producing print-ready, digital and HTML versions of your documents from one approved master with a single click, using our multi-target publishing engine.

Produce on-brand documents, every time

Control your branded document templates to ensure design guidelines are constantly applied across all documents and channels.

Re-publish changes with ease

Make last-minute changes and republish in one click without the need of a graphic designer, so you always maintain a single source of the truth, no matter what or when changes are made.

Let the technology do the heavy lifting

Streamline your processes from document creation and review, through to adoption.

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Unlimited Co-authors

Multi-authoring of a single source of the truth revolutionises how you think about your documents.

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Version Control & Audit Trail

Know who did what and when with a comprehensive review and approval process.

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One-Click Publishing

Produce print-ready, digital and HTML versions of your documents and plans in a single click.

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A centralised end-to-end solution to update, review, approve and publish your regulated documents.

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