Road & Rail

Ensuring safer roads and rail networks in our communities

We want to keep every person safe for every journey.

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Enabling safe and efficient journeys across our road and rail infrastructure

Protecting public safety is the primary goal.

We provide the core regulatory platforms that support road camera networks for monitoring speed, average speed, red light, bus lane, and fatigue, in addition to vehicle regulation systems for inspections, screening, and offence notices.

Safeguarding rail networks through informed decision making with intelligence analysis, a combination of user-friendly interfaces, automated calculations, built-in business rules and detailed workflows help you to streamline processes and understand incident trends and costs to your agency.

We help you to keep people and goods moving safely.

End-to-end solution

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End-to-end solution

Use one solution designed specifically for regulation and compliance.

A single integrated platform

Replace disparate and bespoke systems that make sharing information and reporting a challenge, with one system. Manage the entire regulatory lifecycle of applications, approvals, complaints, incidents, inspections & investigations, offences & enforcements.

Make informed, risked based decisions

Risk-based workflows, coupled with instant views of compliance history, enable dependable enforcement of non-compliant vehicles and operators through well-informed decision making.

Easily share data amongst teams and agencies

Eliminate fragmented data that is difficult to share efficiently between business functions, utilise permissions to ensure relevant access levels for data sharing.

Incident management

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Incident management

End-to-end incident management including issuing infringements.

Manage incidents

Appropriate storage and retrieval of incident details, coupled with linkages between people, places and evidence to facilitate effective decision making.

Manage enforcement

Manage a range of compliance activities including inspections, non-compliance, follow up and enforcement activities in one system.

Streamlined customer experience

Seamlessly engage with industry and the general public with integrated interactive web forms, that automatically create workflows for your
teams to triage and efficiently manage enquiries, complaints and incidents.

Full visibility

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Full visibility

Give users intelligence in the field and capture data accurately and immediately no matter where they are.

360 degree view

Leverage a full view of compliance history to support risk profiling, inspections and audits.

Access information in the field

Your team can create inspection and audit notices, schedule inspections and follow-ups, and manage compliance activities in or out of the office.

Integrate with existing platforms

Access information from other systems with easy integration through flexible APIs.

Meet KPIs

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Meet KPIs

Powerful reporting and audit capabilities enabling better decisions and ensuring compliance.

Powerful dashboards for information at a glance

Create a single view for operational, management and KPI dashboards in minutes, so you can monitor your performance.

Easily attach evidence

Attach photographs and link to investigation and incidents, ready for inclusion into a brief of evidence.

Establish workflows to assist in efficient and accurate work

Make consistent decisions. Set reminders, assign work to individuals or teams, automate approvals processes and see measurable improvements in approval and response times.

Features to help you to keep people and goods moving safely.

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Capture evidence in the field

Allows a user to capture evidence as part of an inspection automatically upload to the cloud for later reviewing and retrieval.

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Reduce duplication of data

Avoid duplicate data entry in the field and benefit from an accurate data capture directly from a mobile device, completing a single view of an operator and avoiding duplicate records.

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Easily upgraded

Upgrade to the latest version (inclusive as part of our SaaS subscription), without the hassle.

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Real time reporting

Create a single view for operational, management and KPI dashboards in minutes, so you can monitor your performance.

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Security compliant

Comply with all security standards, governance controls, and data sovereignty obligations.

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These systems have become a template for how vehicle movement data should be collected nationally.


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Ensuring safer roads and rail networks in our communities

We want to keep every person safe for every journey.

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