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Minimise the cost and pain of actioning thousands of representations.

An end-to-end solution for the planning policy process making it easy to translate your evidence and community feedback into an adopted plan.

Make informed planning policy decisions to create great places

Objective Keyplan manages the entire process of gathering evidence, drafting and adopting plans, policy and strategy documents, from one centralised platform.

Research, draft, consult and publish with complete visibility and accountability in a single streamlined solution. Say goodbye to juggling multiple software applications forever.

Underpinned by your local plans, development plans, and policies

Objective Keyplan helps planners easily access, link, and spatially surface research documents, technical studies, representations, and content at any step of the process.

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Create, gather and analyse evidence

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Create, gather and analyse evidence

Manage all of your technical documents and link them as evidence to support draft policy decisions.

One tool to create, collect and collate all evidence

Save time with pre-built templates to author research or technical documents and studies. Then, link them directly to your planning policy content.

Connect the chain of evidence to your draft policies

Easily demonstrate the evidence you’ve used to create your policy with by linking to supporting documents.

Choose to include feedback into the pool of evidence

Capture comments and notes, review proposed changes, track approvals and objections throughout the complete planning policy process.

Draft local plans, development plans, and policies with speed and accuracy

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Draft local plans, development plans, and policies with speed and accuracy

Say goodbye to battling with formatting, file corruption, and reliance on typesetters.

Multiple authors, single document

Eliminate the time-consuming task of collating various source inputs; wrangling spreadsheets, managing huge files or dealing with the dreaded Word corruption issues. Multiple authors, internal or external, can work on the same document, at the same time.

Create content once, re-use anywhere

Ensure your documents are always accurate. Centrally manage master policy content, then embed it in your various plans, any updates are automatically reflected.

Effortlessly compare versions of your policy

Easily compare draft and final policies, with tracked change outputs, ready for the Planning Inspector or Reporter. Track every change that is made and have the option to roll back to previous versions.

Consult, process and report

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Consult, process and report

A centralised platform to manage and process all engagement and consultee responses. 

Inclusivity - bring together paper and digital representations

Widen participation to everyone. Objective Keyplan is the only solution that allows you to allocate response points in manual representations, in the same way as digital responses, for comprehensive management and reporting.

Don’t just report on responses, make sense of it all

Pull fragmented data from multiple sources and formats and link it directly to the content being responded to. Accept or reject responses; analyse, summarise, respond and report.

Integrate with your existing engagement tools

A light touch approach to integration – using your existing specialist tools to gather the responses. Apply the power of Keyplan’s Submission Management capability.

Put your consultations on the map

Deliver an interactive mapping experience by surfacing your live corporate GIS data. Consultees can browse, search and filter geospatially to find information, policies, regulations, and updates relevant to their location.

Publish with just one click

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Publish with just one click

Meet all your branding and statutory requirements.

On-brand content, one-click publish

Dramatically reduce production timelines. Eliminate the design and typesetting stage, free subject matter experts from formatting content, maintain control of your master content. Create high quality print-ready, digital PDFs and HTML outputs. 

Publish in multiple languages

To meet your statutory requirements, Objective Keyplan supports multiple languages. With one click, your plans and policies are published in multiple languages to meet the needs of your community.

Demonstrate evidence with the Submission Book

Generate a record of everything that has happened from evidence gathering, consultation and drafting the plan through to the final plan and policies to the Planning Inspector or Reporter.

Features to transform your planning policy process

An end-to-end solution for the planning policy lifecycle that makes it easy to translate your evidence and community feedback into an adopted plan.

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Enable Inclusivity

Leading edge technology to handle all sources of representations held on any platform both manual and digital.

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Unlimited Co-Authors

Allow contributors inside and outside your authority to co-author your planning documents.

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Extensive Consultation Points

Embed consultation feedback points to individual paragraphs, maps, images and video content.

Icon keyplan version control

Link Evidence and Representations

One stop shop to create, collect and collate all evidence that can be linked directly to local planning policy decisions.

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Platform Integration

Use existing specialist tools and leverage the power of Keyplan to analyse, summarise, respond and report.

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GIS Integration

Keep all maps in your existing GIS system, surfacing the information within your plan without duplication.

Icon keyplan stakeholder database

Consultee/Stakeholder Database

Securely collect, store and manage records of all current, pending and historical consultations. Search and access records with ease.

Icon keyplan Instsant reports

Instant Reports

Generate a record ready for the Planning Inspector or Reporter to review.

You’re in good company

Trusted by over 100 public sector customers globally to support plan creation and engagement.

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Turn thousands of representations and evidence into actionable local plans and policies.

An end-to-end solution for the planning policy process making it easy to translate your evidence and community feedback into an adopted plan.

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