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Next generation information and process management

An information governance solution providing records compliance, enterprise scale information management and process automation.

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Information management at scale. Compliant recordkeeping. Automated processes.

Next generation information management designed to meet the needs of modern government agencies and regulated organisations.

Effortless information and records management together with powerful process automation empowers staff to work from anywhere; with access to information, governance guaranteed, and security assured. Delivered as a secure SaaS solution where software and services are always up to date, removing the overhead of managing an on-premise solution.

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Always up to date

Always have access to the latest features

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For organisations with 100's or 1000's of users.

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Secure by design

Built to deliver confidentiality, integrity and high availability.

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Significant cost savings

Reduce time taken to search or recreate information

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Accurate and trusted

Information for efficient decision making

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Process transparency

Improve quality, identify bottlenecks, evidence decisions

Information Governance

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Information Governance

A trusted name in records management, Objective has curated and applied more than 30 years of experience into this solution.

Records management

Manage the complete records lifecycle from creation to disposal or transfer. Aggregate and manage both physical and electronic content by adding an automated unobtrusive layer of rules, protection, policy, and control to all content. And importantly, in a manner that is transparent to business users while remaining standards-compliant.

Information security

Don’t just add labels – apply policies to users, roles, groups, classifications, projects, caveats and more. Determine who can see, open, edit, share externally and delete by individual documents or at any level in your file plan.

Audit and reporting – demonstrate every action

If you need to know who did what, and when; both on-screen views and detailed reports show every action that occurred. Whether an event occurred last week or last year, you will always have the evidence that you need. No matter if its an approval provided in Microsoft Teams or a decision made via email, it's all captured.

Process Automation

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Process Automation

Define, automate and audit your business processes.

Automation drives efficiency

From the simple to the complex, automate processes to create efficiencies. Capture and route incoming requests, auto-classify documents based on rules or navigate highly complex business processes using powerful workflow capabilities.

Content-driven workflow for business-critical processes

Correspondence management, procurement and policy approval, freedom of information requests, Ministerial briefings, HR on-boarding are just a few business-critical processes centred around content. Automate these and many other processes to eliminate bottlenecks, streamline reviews and fast-track approvals to meet KPIs.

Electronic approvals for timeliness and completeness

Don’t skip steps in the chain of command, eliminate delays. Give managers the ability to approve from their mobile device or inbox. Every step of the way is recorded and time-stamped as evidence of an electronic approval.

Integrate and Extend

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Integrate and Extend

Underpin your business-critical systems with robust information governance.

Governance for Microsoft 365

Apply governance to Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Exchange. Ensure every document, discussion and email is automatically captured and classified in your system of record.

Integrate your line of business systems

Avoid the risk of documents created in line of business systems living outside your records management system, or being duplicated. Integrate Objective Nexus with your ecosystem: CRM, financial, HR systems and more; to provide a seamless, single source of information.

Secure external file sharing

Enable secure cross-agency and third-party collaboration with Objective Connect. Share content directly from Objective Nexus with your information security policies checked before a document leaves your organisation.

Document Management

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Document Management

Manage the complete document lifecycle.

A user experience your team will love

Designed with the end-user in mind, everyone will want to experience this application. PC, Mac, tablet or phone; document creation, editing, review, approve, search and manage with Objective Nexus. Whether you are an author, part of a team co-authoring a document, a reviewer, an approver, or a user that needs to access controlled documents, everyone will benefit from an outstanding user experience.

View content in any application

Are your users working in Microsoft Teams, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Civica, Infor or other applications? Make documents available, directly from these applications - stay focused on the work at hand and avoid the frustration of searching for documents.

A single source of information

Aggregate and capture all content in a single location. Digital or physical, irrespective of the application it was created in, Objective Nexus delivers all your information in one location, providing a holistic view of information from a single source.

Built for Cloud

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Built for Cloud

Deliver on your ICT strategy.

Flexible delivery

With Nexus, you can choose the delivery that fits your needs — on-premises, host it in the cloud, or opt for hassle-free SaaS. We specialise in providing solutions that perfectly match your information governance requirements, ensuring an outstanding outcome.


Objective takes security seriously, addressing the core tenants of information security (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) across the entire Nexus 'system'. Designed specifically for government agencies, Objective Nexus has a well-defined security posture that addresses each service element: the application, the platform, and the delivery.

Evergreen environment

Focus on delivering exceptional services rather than managing infrastructure. Objective Nexus SaaS provides seamless access to the latest in software, security, and technology. Innovate and make a difference in your community with our cutting-edge platform.

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Next generation information and process management

An Information Governance solution providing records compliance, enterprise scale information management and process automation.

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