The only secure file sharing app government and regulated industries will ever need.

Extend your internal information governance externally. Maintain control over shared documents. Collaborate across devices, across teams or across the world. Maintain one version of the truth. Record who did what and when. All from one solution. 

Objective Connect is trusted by all levels of government, critical national infrastructure and regulated industries to protect Sensitive, confidential, privileged and Protected files shared outside their four walls. Download your 10-step guide today to see how it can protect you. 

Security isn't something you claim. It's something you prove. 

Objective Connect is independently IRAP assessed as highly compliant for Sensitive and Protected data and does the hard work with Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Information Security Manual (ISM) best-practice to make secure file sharing easy. It's certified to peak global standards including ISO9001 and ISO27001 to ensure peace-of-mind for millions of users in 68 countries.

Having Objective Connect in place allows information to be easily and safely circulated to deliver positive outcomes.

Clare Burke

Senior Information Governance Officer
Glasgow City Council

Automatically apply your internal protection, externally.

Things change. People move. Every project is followed by another. You worked hard to implement robust internal information governance. It’s time you extended this protection into everything you share outside your four walls, too. With our Content Manager (TRIM) Technology Alliance Partnership and native Objective ECM integration, Objective Connect automatically applies EDRMS protection in real-time when sharing files.

Talk to the Objective Connect team today, and take back control of your information.