Secure file sharing and cloud collaboration for UK Government

Ultimate protection over sensitive information shared with trusted partners, agencies and nations.

Secure collaboration without the risk

In the age of zero trust, being able to share sensitive data and information with trusted partners and across agencies is a complex challenge to navigate for UK local and central government organisations. Many not fit for purpose tools provide limited access to trusted external partners and claim to be secure without regular control or vetting.

Designed specifically for UK government, Objective Connect is an ISO-certified cloud, external file sharing and collaboration solution. Keep your data sovereign with local hosting. Maintain control over shared documents. Collaborate across devices, across teams or across the world. Maintain one version of the truth. Record who did what and when. All from one solution.

Download the Solution Overview to:

  1. Understand the pitfalls of convenient sharing in the age of zero trust and the implication on government business users.
  2. Learn how agencies can work securely anywhere without slowing critical responses or business processes by using the right government-grade security solution.
  3. Discover the security-first features that are designed to protect sensitive information that is shared externally without compromising usability.