Driving an effective cross-agency response

With over 5,500 employees divided into eight groups, the Welsh government covers a wide range of portfolios, including independent health providers, learners, local authorities and housing. Recently, following events in Ukraine, the Welsh government announced its support for families displaced by the conflict. To manage the rehousing of Ukrainian refugees, a task force was established with information management being identified as key to its success.

In order to deliver an effective response, the Welsh Government needed a secure method to not only share but collaborate on critical information across the task force that consisted of every local authority in Wales, health and police.

The Welsh Government leveraged Objective Connect, a secure file sharing and collaboration solution, to quickly set up a central cloud-based hub where information could be securely accessed, reviewed and updated in realtime while maintaining a single source of truth.

Without Objective Connect, the Welsh Government's only other option to exchange information would have been email, which would have extended timelines significantly - extra time the task force didn’t have when displaced families needed immediate support.

Watch the video case study to learn more about how Objective Connect has been instrumental in the Welsh Government's ability to manage the resettlement of families displaced by the conflict in Ukraine.

If [Objective] Connect was suddenly taken away from us, it would be a big impact on the organisation and its ability to function.

Andy Parker

Information and Records Management - Senior Operations Manager, Welsh Government