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Society for innovation, technology and modernisation

Socitm are a leading membership organisation of more than 2,500 professionals helping shape and deliver public services. 

Socitm’s breadth and depth of membership gives it a strong and credible voice in influencing public services policy in areas driven by digital technology, data and information.

Objective and Socitm have a shared mission to drive innovation and modernisation across the Public Sector.  Helping to maximise the effective use of technologies and data in delivering services and improved outcomes for public benefit. And at Objective, innovation is our lifeblood!

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Join us on Socitm's 'Wednesday Webinar' series or catch up on-demand

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Maximising the use of Microsoft Teams in a governed environment

Over the last 24 months, Microsoft Teams has had amazing success allowing people to easily communicate and collaborate in a hybrid work environment.

Every day Teams are created, every hour files are shared, every minute decisions are made in the application. But how can this information be effectively governed?

Join Objective and NatureScot as we discuss the importance and future of information governance for Microsoft Teams.

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Connecting your Community

Discover how organisations across the UK are delivering better community outcomes through secure collaboration and information sharing with external partners and agencies.

Middlesbrough Council discusses how it has improved collaboration across its vast partner network to safeguard missing children, while the Objective Connect team shares similar experiences from Glasgow City Council, Cumbria County Council, Welsh Government and more.

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Driving innovation across the globe

Thousands of public sector organisations are developing policies with impact, accelerating processes and delivering innovative services with Objective.

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Outstanding digital government software driving stronger communities

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Improved collaboration across Child-welfare authorities and Police

Middlesbrough Council have improved collaboration across an entire social care network for rapid child welfare response. Read how Connect is helping to deliver benefits to multiple agencies and those they seek to help

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Sharing and collaboration with partner agencies across Wales during the pandemic

When COVID-19 hit, vulnerable communities were left exposed and in need. See how Welsh Government, along with the 22 local authorities across Wales used Connect to support shielding citizens.

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Leading a multi-agency murder prevention network

See how Connect is also being used as a multi-agency, city-wide solution for supporting high-risk victims of domestic abuse at Glasgow City Council.

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Reforming public services by embracing innovation and modernisation

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