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Leverage the experience and expertise of our team of consultants for your next digital transformation project.

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Advice you can trust

Not only are our consultants experienced and knowledgeable, they bring a genuine desire to achieve the best outcome for your project and your organisation.

For more than 30 years, our people have worked closely with customers to develop and deliver innovative, content-enabled solutions that deliver real results.

Information Management & Governance

Strategy and advice to leverage your information.

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Content strategy and architecture for compliant information management

Understand where and how your ECM solution fits into your business processes and broader organisation. How does it work with Office 365? How will you comply with information governance legislation relevant to you? We've implemented countless content, information and records management solutions, and can advise on a best practice approach for any size organisation.

Content migration and system integration

Migrating from a legacy system or to the cloud or Office 365? It can be tricky when you’re dealing with large volumes or high levels of complexity. Don’t risk harmful disruptions or lost records; trust the experts to help.

Engaging users for broad adoption

The benefits of any solution are only realised when people throughout your enterprise are using it. We understand the challenges of change and work collaboratively with you and your people to bring everyone along for the ride.

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Webinar on demand

Benchmark your performance

Evidence based insights into usage of Objective ECM and Inform to identify where you could gain greater value from your solution

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Webinar on demand

Northland Regional Council’s use of Upgrades as a Service

Learn how this NZ based council upgraded to the latest version of Objective ECM with ease.

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Process Automation and Workflow

Improve business processes with automation

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Process analysis, strategy and architecture

Implementing workflow requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach. We start with discovery to benchmark your current processes against industry best-practice. We help you articulate the benefits of automation and build your business case for change.

Workflow design and configuration

Take your vision from blueprint to reality. In addition to first-class technical skills, we bring the benefit of experience of thousands of workflow implementations across all levels of government and regulated industries.

Integration into line of business applications

We can advise on strategy for storing, accessing and activating your corporate content to enable automation of your business processes. We can also run the entire project for you, with our technical consultants working alongside your teams.

Workflow Library

Don't re-invent the wheel, choose from a range of workflow templates as the building blocks to improve your business processes. From automation of basic tasks such as user management through to end-to-end processes such as human resource management or approval processes.

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HR On-boarding and Offboarding

Benchmark your existing processes and build a case for change with a Process Discovery Workshop.

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Correspondence Management

Benchmark your existing processes and build a case for change with a Process Discovery Workshop.

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Objective Workflow Library

Learn how to implement a workflow from the Objective Workflow Library.

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Workflow Practitioner Training

Designed for workflow practitioners, this webinar introduces new training courses for workflow design, maintenance, scripting and automation.

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Content creation, publishing and engagement

A best-practice approach for content authoring and publishing. We'll help you get self-sufficient in the quickest time possible.

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Start with your best foot forward

We set-up and configure Keystone to your needs, map your initial set of content to a model that works for you and migrate your content. We involve your people every step of the way, transferring knowledge and guiding them as we go so they understand the entire process, from initial analysis through to published outputs.

Template design and build to meet your brand guidelines

More than simply configuring Keystone with your fonts and colour palette, we can create templates that ensure your published documents exactly match your existing documents. Layouts, grids, colours, typography, spacing - are all set in the template. Authors focus on the content, and can’t muck up your formatting.

Business process analysis and recommendations

When you know Keystone is the solution to your document publishing woes,but you’re not quite sure where to start, we can help. Our process analysts specialise in local government, public sector or financial services and can work with you to devise the best plan forward.

Integration with other business systems

Integrating Keynote into your content tracking or workflow system is a great way to inject efficiency into the authoring, review and release process - while maintaining complete control over content published.

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Financial Services & Insurance

Product documentation processes — free up your product team to innovate and enable your customer experience initiatives to flourish.

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Local Government Planning

Transform content creation and stakeholder engagement in local government with Objective Keystone.

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Secure collaboration

Extend your information governance to the cloud.

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Configuration and set up

Ensure your most sensitive information never leaves your organisation. With best practice insights from Objective Services, you can extend your existing information governance framework to cover the information you are sharing with your external partner network. Make key decisions such as; who can create workspaces, what sections of the file plan can be shared, what caveats are to be whitelisted and which security classifications need to be blocked from sharing.

With the right advice, Objective Connect be configured to be your first line of defence, ensuring information is never accidentally or inappropriately shared.

One platform, many processes

Objective Connect is flexible enough to meet the needs of every department in your organisation. As new external collaboration use-cases are agreed, engage Objective Services to empower each team with the knowledge on how to securely share information from your EDRMS. From workgroup administration, to delivering train-the-trainer education to your departmental champions, Objective has you covered.

Your partners for success

Leverage the experience and expertise of our team of consultants for your next digital transformation project.

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