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How knowledge fabric will transform information governance to improve efficiency and minimise risk.

Government agencies at the technology forefront; empowering employees and citizens

Increasing complexity in information governance is here to stay. As government CIOs, CDOs, CISOs, and Senior Executives are looking for ways to deliver value from the numerous data silos across the enterprise, single source major software vendors all fail to provide a mechanism to derive a single view, much less knowledge across data that is not entrenched in their single vendor ecosystem.

From Data to Knowledge and Beyond

Objective Corporation’s Chief Technology Officer Anthony Turco’s White Paper “Objective 3Sixty and the Knowledge Fabric” explains not only the building blocks of knowledge fabrics, but how they are already in use in government. The paper demonstrates that knowledge fabrics are a crucial technology that support government departments undergoing digital transformation.

Knowledge Graphs in Government Use

Being able to harness knowledge graphs for the benefit of citizens and government employees is not a programme for the future, it is a programme that can be acted upon now. Both the Australian and UK governments are active in implementing knowledge graphs across a number of agencies.

This white paper distils the theory of Knowledge Fabrics and combines Anthony’s discussions and findings on how CIO’s and IT leaders can move their organisations forward in each of these key areas.