Assessment Add-ons

October 2022 Update

Objective Trapeze‚Äôs new Assessment Add-ons are here! Used in Trapeze Professional's Overlay Annotation Tool, our Assessment Add-ons come fully configured and are delivered remotely via the Trapeze Cloud.

The following Assessment Add-ons are available for purchase:

  • AU/NZ Parking: Used to check compliance against parking and vehicle access standards. Includes turning circles, reverse in manoeuvres, parked vehicle envelopes, vehicle clearance and scraping.
  • Victorian ResCode: Includes overlays and measuring presets to check compliance against residential development standards, including site coverage, setbacks, daylight to windows and overlooking. 
  • Shadows: These overlays can be used to check the accuracy of shadow diagrams or used to plot shadows from structures. They come custom generated to your local government area, to ensure the angles and shadow lengths are precise.

To see our new Assessment Add-ons in action, check out our above video.

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