Data in Regulation

Hear industry experts and regulatory leaders share their data experiences and unpack the insights from the Data in Regulation report

Our research explored how UK regulators are using data to inform regulation; the challenges faced; and what makes a difference on the journey to data-informed, risk-based regulation. 

In this webinar, we unpacked the findings from such research to answer:

  • How are different regulators making better use of data?
  • What improvements in outcomes are they achieving?
  • What challenges are they facing?
  • How are they improving the data maturity of their organisation?

We take a deep dive into the report's five key findings with firsthand analysis and commentary from our regulator panel.

  • Learn about the future direction of regulatory data use across the UK.
  • Hear how regulators have addressed the challenges of using data.
  • Explore case studies where data is improving regulation.

You can also access the Data in Regulation report here.

With commentary from:

Vikas Dhawan 

Head of Data Strategy, Office of Rail and Road

Fiona Dickie

Pubs Code Adjudicator, Office of the Pubs Code Adjudicator

Dr. Sian Hughes

Head of Data and Evidence, Equality and Human Rights Commission

Naomi Nicholson

Regulatory Consultant

Kirsty Dusting

Global VP - Objective RegTech

"Our intention was to uncover insights into how regulators can, and have, used data to inform insights-driven, risk-based regulation. The report found that there are many opportunities for regulators to benefit from data and technology adoption."

Kirsty Dusting

Global VP, Objective RegTech