Taming the Information Sprawl

What we learned from speaking to CIOs across the public sector and regulated industries.

The pandemic was the catalyst for one of the biggest shifts ever seen in the public sector. Digital transformation was executed at extraordinary scale and speed, including the introduction of new ways of working and managing information.

So how can we build on such digitisation efforts? What role does technology play when it comes to managing information? And what emerging threats and challenges need to be addressed when planning for the future?

This webinar, hosted by Objective and the Information and Records Managers Society (IRMS), delivered insights and experiences from CIOs around the world, following Objective’s undertaking of in-depth interviews throughout Spring 2022.

During the session, we unpacked the three key trends facing CIOs today:

  1. Importance of accelerating digital modernisation programs
  2. Staying ahead of the ever-changing security threat
  3. Creating order from chaos amidst the information explosion

We also uncovered the key challenges CIOs believe their organisations face when it comes to managing information, and how they plan to address these over the coming months and years.

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Those interested in viewing the complete interview findings report - How CIOs are Taming the Information Sprawl - can download a copy here.


Antony Bauer

Senior Product Marketing Manager - Objective 

Stuart Meyers

Customer Value Director - Objective

Ren Leming

Chair - IRMS