Maximising the use of Microsoft Teams in a regulated environment

In this session, IRMS, Objective and a host of guest speakers from the world of records and information management discuss the importance and future of information governance for Microsoft Teams. ​​​​

The session includes an educational and interactive roundtable to help develop the Records Management and Information Governance capabilities of M365.​

Watch the video below to:

  • Learn the critical records and governance considerations for a hybrid working environment.
  • Hear the global implications, challenges and solutions from industry experts and peers.
  • Listen to community feedback, intended to help shape and influence product direction.

Speakers and facilitators include:

  • Pete Wadley, Public Records Officer, National Records of Scotland
  • Bálint Csöllei, Cross Government Engagement Lead, The National Archives (UK)
  • Beth Cron and Kevin DeVorsey, US National Archives and Records Administration
  • Catherine Galvin, HM Revenue & Customs
  • Erica Toelle, Senior Product Managers, Microsoft
  • Stuart Meyers, Customer Value Director, Objective Corporation
  • Ren Leming and Maria Lim, Information & Records Management Society (Chair and IM Tech Group Chair)