Introducing Trapeze Professional On-Demand


The latest version of Trapeze – Trapeze Professional – brings a host of new features and benefits to busy Planning and Building Officers across the UK. 

During this webinar, we're delighted to provide a demonstration of the latest software, showcasing how it's delivering automation and efficiency gains to hundreds of local authorities, at a time when many are facing the challenges of working from home.

Resident Trapeze expert Rafael Garcia relays how Trapeze Professional provides the tools to validate, assess and review planning and building applications digitally, with examples such as:

  • Automated plan comparisons: highlight where changes have been made with the click of a button and using colour, removing the risks associated with manual checks.
  • Smart stamping: create custom stamps which include logos, dates and times, and apply them to whole documents (or only a section) with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Enhanced measurement tools: perform complex measurements across pages with precision and speed.

Rafael is also joined by Objective Corporation Account Director, Daphne Brill. With a background in Planning and experience on the front line, Daphne provides thought and commentary around the value of Trapeze Professional, while asking input from webinar attendees before a Q&A session at the end.


Rafael Garcia

Director of Customer Success - Objective Corporation

Daphne Brill

Account Director - Objective Corporation