Objective Trapeze independent of your DMS

Lost Trapeze in a Document Management System (DMS) upgrade? With Objective Trapeze Professional, you’ll maintain access to all the tools you need to assess, review and approve planning and building applications.

Regain access to the measuring tools you know and love, plus more.

Many UK local authorities upgrading their DMS are finding significant gaps in core functionality for Planning and Building teams. Those affected by these changes are no longer able to access the measurement and assessment tools provided by Trapeze, which is also known within the industry as ‘Onstream Trapeze’ or ‘Idox Viewer’.

If you or your team have been impacted by a DMS upgrade removing the PDF measurement and assessment tools you need, Objective Trapeze Professional has you covered, returning all the features you have lost, and more.

Download the Solution Overview to learn how you can regain your lost PDF measurement and assessment tools (plus more) with Objective Trapeze Professional.