Will my login details change?

The username and password to login to Objective Keyplan are the same as your existing Objective Keystone login.

Will there be a new URL?

The URL you currently use to login to Objective Keystone remains the same for Objective Keyplan. If you have signed up for additional functionality they will appear in Objective Keyplan.

Will there be a new portal for Objective Keyplan events?

The current portal will accommodate existing events (created using Objective Keystone) and new events (created using Objective Keyplan).

Will my current portal continue to work?

Your current Objective Keystone portal will continue to function as usual.

Will there be any disruption to existing events?

Your existing events will continue without any disruption.

What should we do with consultation events that are continuously open?

All live consultation events in your consultation portal will need to be Objective Keyplan events by 30th June 2024. For ongoing consultation events, if they were created using Objective Keystone they will need to be closed at a time of your convenience and a new event created using Objective Keyplan. This does not require downtime as ending and starting consultation events can be scheduled to happen at the same time.

Will events from Objective Keystone and Objective Keyplan appear the same on the portal?

Events created in both Objective Keystone and Objective Keyplan will appear within the same portal.

Will we be able to see (in the back end) responses from past consultations carried out before Objective Keyplan?

Consultation responses that have been processed using Objective Keystone can be viewed in Objective Keyplan by accessing the 'Legacy' tab without the need for any migration of data.

Consultation responses received in Objective Keystone but not yet processed can be migrated into Objective Keyplan using a self-service migration tool.

Will responses from consultations carried out before Objective Keyplan continue to be visible to the public via the portal?

Consultation responses from legacy consultation events (created in Objective Keystone) remain available via your consultation portal until 30th June 2024. As mentioned above, consultation responses required in Objective Keyplan can be easily migrated using a self-service tool, which is available to customers free of charge.

Will consultees have to re-register with Objective Keyplan?

Consultees previously registered in Objective Keystone won't need to re-register when transitioning to Objective Keyplan.

Is there an additional cost for Objective Keyplan?

All local authority customers are having their existing Objective Keystone subscription converted to Objective Keyplan (Standard) at no additional cost. Some add-on functionality is available at an additional cost, which our customer success team is happy to discuss.

How does this change affect our existing contract?

There is no change to your existing contract.

Does Objective Keyplan produce accessible documents?

Objective Keyplan has the capability to produce accessible documents.

How do we use our existing question forms in Objective Keyplan?

Question sets will need to be created in Objective Keyplan as this is brand new with additional capabilities that you will benefit from. For consultation events migrated from Objective Keystone Version 4, the form is automatically built for those events.

Will my existing reports be available in Objective Keyplan?

Objective Keyplan has new reporting capabilities which will be demonstrated during the Enablement Session (Post-consultation).

Does Objective Keyplan support multi-language?

Objective Keyplan supports multi-language, just like Objective Keystone.

Will there be training and support material?

Training material will be built into the product in addition to the Enablement Sessions that are part of the Objective Keyplan Onboarding Programme.

Can we choose when we start using Objective Keyplan?

The Objective Keyplan Onboarding Programme is available between January and May 2024 to enable all local authority customers to become proficient with Objective Keyplan ahead of the scheduled date of retirement for the legacy version of Objective Keystone (version 4) in June 2024. Customers can select a month that is most convenient to begin their journey between January and May.

Why is this transition to Objective Keyplan occurring?

Objective Keyplan has been purpose-built for the planning policy process, meeting the needs of UK local authorities that are required to prepare a "new style" of development plans that are digital, GIS-enabled, easier to produce and access. Objective Keyplan is strongly-aligned with the digital planning reform agenda from central governments where our UK customers are located (England, Scotland and Wales). Relevant legislation (e.g. the Levelling Up and Regeneration Act and NPF4) have been taken into consideration in designing and developing Objective Keyplan, which treats planning policies as data.

What are the new features in Objective Keyplan?

AI support which includes AI Sentiment Analysis that can evaluate responses for sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) allowing you to make informed decisions quickly.

AI can Auto-Tag suggesting Keywords or Subjects in each response or you can apply Custom Tags which can be personalised for each consultation.

Built-in Redaction Tool to redact sensitive information from representations, keeping the original intact. Choose between reporting with redacted or original versions.

Submission Management Portal eliminates the time-consuming task of data entry, copying and pasting from letters and PDFs. Keyplan can digitise offline representations converting them into PDF and easily combined with responses received via the portal. Keyplan reduces the administrative burden of analysing, sorting and processing representations. You can automatically see Consultee Information, Consultee Name, Responded Consultation Points, Date and Status.

Consultees can submit a formal response without registering.

Maptionnaire integration captures GIS data such as lines, points and polygons enabling you to export to your corporate GIS systems.

Enhanced reporting functionality with a range of dashboards allowing you to gain a holistic view of your consultation and progress tracking.