Improving the efficiency and accuracy of building consents

Objective Trapeze has improved the accuracy of building consents while simplifying the process

Palmerston North City Council processes building consents ranging from very small to very large commercial projects. Before Objective Trapeze, the council was paper based, operating on a very manual system. It became an onerous and time-consuming task to keep track of building consents.

Objective Trapeze has streamlined the process and reduced administration input, while ensuring more information is captured. Most importantly, the council can work in confidence that information is accurate with Trapeze features such as the compare tool, measurement tool and stamping tool.

Trapeze means for me that when we sign off on consents that we have the most assurance that we can possibly have that the documentation is correct. With features like measurement and overlay, it means that you can capture more information than before. You’ve been able to check everything and avoid information slipping through the cracks.

Chris Parker

Team Leader Building - PNCC Development

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