Value-add in Planning: Salford City Council awarded Planning Authority of the Year

Better outcomes for communities: Objective Trapeze’s role in supporting quality planning outcomes

Salford City Council is a growing and diverse city in the Greater Manchester area that receives over 2,000 planning applications each year. To provide the best planning service possible for their community, the council needed a tool that would help them streamline the development assessment process.

Since adopting Objective Trapeze, Salford City Council has seen remarkable improvements in their planning process. Their planning team can easily perform complex calculations, measurements, and compare plans, saving time and reducing errors.

Last year, 97% of applications were determined on time, and the percentage of discharge of conditions increased from 40% to over 80%. Additionally, less than 2% of Salford City Council's decisions have been appealed, with the Planning Inspectorate consistently agreeing with the council's choices in the majority of these cases.

These outcomes demonstrate the council's commitment to delivering a high-quality planning service that meets the needs of their community. Winning the RTPI's Planning Authority of the Year award in 2022 further confirms their dedication to innovation and excellence in decision-making.

One of the key parts of our role is to add value to development. Trapeze helps us to identify that because we can look clearly at the plans and we can make comparisons easily. We can see things at a larger scale, and by doing so, that helps us to innovate and adapt.

Danielle Sammy
Senior Planning Officer, Salford City Council

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