Public API Now Available for Objective Connect

With Connect Link, organisations are able to integrate Objective Connect with both Objective ECM and Micro Focus Content Manager. Information seamlessly flows between each system, ensuring your EDRMS is your single source of truth.

But what about other applications in your organisation? Do you have a legacy document management system with documents you want to share externally? Or do you have a workflow management tool, with automated tasks, that would benefit from sharing documents in the cloud? Then look no further than the Public API for Objective Connect.

The Public API for Objective Connect is free and now available for you to develop against. All you need is an Objective Connect subscription. 

Expand the number of applications that integrate with Objective Connect.

One of our customers in the Justice sector were looking for a solution that would integrate into their legacy EDRMS system that provided full audit trails and IRAP assessed data protection. Objective Connect was the only solution that could meet those requirements. The Public API delivers intuitive, license-free end-user access to Connect across the entire agency.

API functions enable users to:

  • Authenticate and manage Sessions
  • Create an Objective Connect Workspace 
  • Invite a Participant to an Workspace 
  • Schedule End Date for an Workspace 
  • Upload documents and Versions
  • Download documents

Want to know more? Reach out to the Connect team.

    What I love most about the Public API is the options are endless. It's exciting to see customers take our API capabilities and tailor it to their own, unique business needs.

    Jonathan Mills

    Objective Connect