Innovative conversations and new developments: Don’t miss the Objective stand at BOINZ this year!

The Objective Palmerston North Development Centre is bringing change and innovation to the NZ building industry and Product Manager, Ross McCarthy, is excited to talk about it at BOINZ.

As a member of BOINZ for nearly 14 years, I still get excited for the Annual Conference and Expo. One of the reasons I became a member of BOINZ in the first place is because of the opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Why I love attending the BOINZ Annual Conference and Expo

Over the past five years, I’ve been noticing more and more innovative thinking going on at BOINZ. People are thinking about technology and how it could better their lives. The shift from paper to digital across New Zealand councils is inspiring new conversations. I just love getting together with the people I’ve known for years to discuss how technology can help them.

The innovations I can’t wait to discuss this year

Over the past 18 months, we’ve seen a big shift from paper to digital. While this has probably been in development and the plan for the past decade, it’s really progressed over the past five years – and even more so last year when we’ve all had to pivot in the way we work.

Organisations have really started moving away from the glass half full scenario (half paper, half digital) to embracing the full digital world. Now, people are both managing documents and working in a digital way.

This is an exciting time because people are focused on digital, they are thinking about new and improved ways of making the shift. All of these innovative conversations are so inspiring. I love when someone comes up to you and says: ‘You know, it would be great if I was able to do this thing because I know it would be more efficient for me and the team.’ I can’t wait for those conversations because that is what drives us to make solutions that suit our customers’ needs.

Why you should 100% visit the Objective stand at the conference this year

Objective has been developing an exciting new product that will really transform the building industry. Visitors will be able to gather insights into the new product, Objective Build. It will be great for them to see the innovations we are bringing in – particularly around machine learning, computer vision and other ways of thinking around the product. We are looking forward to gathering feedback on what that is going to mean for the industry, as well as how the product will potentially change what people do from a building perspective. We will take that feedback into consideration for the next generation building consensus.

Visitors to our stand will can also learn more about Objective Trapeze, Objective Alpha and GoGet and how they are digitally transforming the building and planning industry.

Objective provides the ability to create real change across the whole industry and that’s what excites me! I cannot wait to share more at BOINZ.

Learn more about our Objective Palmerston North Development Centre and team here.