The entire Objective Team is here to help

Ensure your workforce has continuous access to the information they need, when they need it.

Here at Objective, we greatly appreciate the services that you, our customers, provide to the communities that we are all a part of, services that all of our families rely on every day.

The current coronavirus pandemic obviously presents significant challenges to the continued delivery and quality of these outcomes. We appreciate that many of you are rapidly working to adapt to the changing environment, in particular, supporting staff working from home.

To help you meet this need, all of our employees, including me, are ready to assist and support you in any way needed to ensure your workforce has continuous access to the information they need, when they need it. Many of our customers already have external access to Objective ECM enabled, and there are several straightforward steps you can take to provide this capability quickly:

  • If your organisation is running a 10.x version of Objective ECM you will already have Objective IQ, the browser interface for Objective ECM, enabled and available. Making Objective IQ accessible to external staff is the fastest path to providing remote access to a broad set of users with minimal setup.
  • By enabling Objective ECM’s integration with Microsoft Office365, you can allow controlled co-authoring and remote editing of documents directly from Objective ECM.
  • Some of you may be accelerating the rollout and use of Office365 and Microsoft Teams to support your workforce. Using Objective’s recently released Governance for Teams, you can quickly provide Teams users access to existing information in ECM and also ensure the content created in Microsoft Teams is captured to Objective. See more in this Webinar-on-Demand.
  • If your users are using Objective Navigator, enabling Navigator to run remotely can be achieved through configuration within your VPN/DirectAccess environment or by switching Navigator to use HTTP(S).
  • Objective Connect directly supports remote working on specific document sets, including new online editing features to ensure continued security on remote, non-approved devices.

At Objective, we have now shifted the majority of our global staff to a work-from-home model and are available to help you overcome any challenge your organisation may be facing. This Remote Working page has more information, or for more detailed advice please reach out directly to your account manager, local services teams and our support staff.

Finally, thank you for what you do to support our communities and families and thank you for your continued support of Objective.