Objective ECM 11 is what you have been waiting for

Efficient modern information management in a single release - here’s why your team will love it

The long-awaited Objective ECM 11 and its capabilities have arrived - and it’s the cherry on the ECM cake!

For the past few years since IQ became available, Objective has been on a continuous journey where we have been enhancing the everyday experience for our users. Now, with the combination of IQ and Objective ECM, complete modern information management is here.

With Objective ECM 11, customers can rest assured they have a full audit trail and full transparency with process automation. Backing everything from approvals to onboarding new team members, Objective ECM 11 enables users to go beyond document management capabilities.

Objective ECM 11 includes a reimagined Task Manager which provides customers greater control with better visibility and access from anywhere. Digital forms just got easier with smarter, faster and more intuitive workflows. With IQ enhanced user-experience, Objective ECM 11 can deliver whatever your team needs from co-authoring documents with Microsoft 365 to published versions of documents.

For many organisations, this is the final piece of the puzzle – offering their users every feature they need to complete their work. If you haven’t yet switched to IQ, now is the time to take the plunge and move to the version of Objective ECM that delivers everything.

Learn more about all of the exciting new features of Objective ECM 11 here.