Adapt to change faster with enhanced form completion

Objective ECM 11 includes smarter Dynamic Forms, allowing your organisation to take a more agile approach to automating processes.

Automating your document-based processes with Objective ECM workflow has always had the goal of transforming the complex into clear-cut. A great workflow can ensure that decision making is accurate and transparent - moving information effortlessly through an organisation, while avoiding bottlenecks.

However, the world doesn’t stand still for too long. Our working environment is constantly changing, and this means your business processes need to adapt to the shifting conditions.

Objective ECM 11 now makes it easier to deal with change. This release has enhanced workflow with Dynamic Forms.

Form Development

A form is the starting point for any workflow. This is where your users select the documents to be included, enter the data to assist in decision making, and initiate the flow of approvals.

With Dynamic Forms, the creation and customisation of forms is now completed via the Objective IQ user Experience. This makes the form easier to use and requires significantly less technical know-how. By adding more business logic into the form, complexity can be reduced within workflow maps:

  • Drag and drop: As Dynamic Forms have been developed utilising the latest browser-based Objective IQ user experience, you can now reorder the steps in a form using drag and drop. Within seconds, you can respond to user feedback, improving overall usability of the forms your team use.

  • Logical grouping and conditional routing: The information being collected in a form can now be grouped into sections. This simplifies navigation throughout the form and reduces the number of clicks as user must make. Sections can then be paired with conditional formatting, determining the path a user is taking through the form based on the information they enter. A simple example of where this would be used is within an expenses form:  
    • If the user clicks yes, they will be directed to the expenses section
    • If the user clicks no, they will skip the expenses section entirely

  • Validate data: Business logic has now also been brought into the form. As data is entered in a form, it can now be validated without the use of AxE scripts. This enhancement makes form creation simpler, reduces complexity in your workflow map and provides on-screen validation for your users when they are completing a form.

  • Preview on the fly: When you are developing a form, you now can preview your work at any time. With a single-click you see on-screen the changes you have made without the need to save back to Objective ECM.

Form Completion

With the introduction of Dynamic Forms, you now have the ability to quickly respond to the needs of your users. Your users will take delight that forms are rapidly updated based on their feedback. With Objective ECM 11, forms are now easier than ever to complete and provide users with on-screen validation and direction as they enter information.

Want to know how your organisation can benefit from Dynamic Forms and the other enhancements in ECM? Visit the Objective ECM 11 page to learn more.