Objective ECM and Objective Nexus

Our valued client, City of Gold Coast has shared some of their tips and tricks related to naming conventions and improving search results.

Naming conventions

Having a naming convention that is understandable, predictable, and consistent will ensure records are easily identified and easily retrievable. Establish guidelines that are clear and meaningful and are easily accessible to users. Considerations for these guidelines include:

  1. Avoid words such as draft, versions, current or active.
  2. Keep names short and meaningful.
  3. Avoid symbol characters such as: \/<>|”?{};=+&$
  4. Ensure the purpose of the document is easily and quickly identifiable.
  5. Avoid using abbreviations that are not commonly used.
  6. Use unique identifiers, e.g. project title, contract name.


Searching for an object within Objective ECM or Objective Nexus can be done by using the global search bar.

When using the global search bar, you can improve your search results by building a query using the below key words:


Relevant to the document ID you are after


NameName of the document you are searching in quotation marksname:"XYZ Project Meeting Agenda"
DescriptionGeneral metadata entered in the description fieldDescription:"guidelines and best practices"
ContentSpecific wording found in the document in quotation markscontent:"The quick brown fox"
NoteGeneral metadata entered in the note fieldnote:"Darrel Forrest"
ExtensionName of the file extensionextension:pdf

Combine any of the above queries to improve your search results and find the information you are after. (EG: Name:”XYZ Project Meeting Agenda” extension:pdf)