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Spot the Difference!

Think you can spot all differences in our digital plan challenge? Give it a go and put your skills to the test.

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Planners and Building Officers without Trapeze Professional spend hours scouring over plans, hoping to identify all differences with their own eyes. Many would say that detecting every single change is not humanly possible, though a critical task during plan checking. Experience for yourself the challenges of trying to find differences in two versions of a plan before seeing how Trapeze Professional does it.

To take part in the challenge, simply click the Start button below.
Please note that the challenge should be played on a laptop or desktop only.

More about Objective Trapeze

Objective Trapeze is software purpose-built for planners and building officers.
It provides all the tools you need to assess, review and approve planning and building control applications.


Trapeze Professional in action

See how local authorities worldwide are adopting the software to realise true savings.

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Discover the suite of features available to you and your team on our product page.

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5 reasons why Objective Trapeze

Five common planning and building officer frustrations. One complete solution.

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