Seizing the opportunities of regulatory technology

Why the effective use of technology and data is critical to operating as a modern regulator – and how the UK has adapted and adopted so far.

According to our research, UK government regulators have ample opportunities to benefit from utilising regulatory technology.

Some are on the journey to adopting RegTech to improve the quality of services to the public, minimise the burden on regulated entities, digitise manual processes and support compliance. Others are blocked by IT funding and capacity, limited awareness of market offerings, and industry and organisational silos.

This report provides the regulatory community with a snapshot of how technology is currently being deployed within government regulators.

  • Part I outlines 6 key insights into the adoption of regulatory technology across UK government, and the vast opportunity for innovation that exists.
  • Part II provides real world examples of this technology in use.

Based on interviews with regulatory practitioners and a structured survey combined with desktop research, the full report provides expert analysis on:

  • The scale and scope of technology being used across UK regulation
  • The key trends shaping the benefits and barriers to technology adoption
  • Case studies and innovative examples of where tech is improving regulation
  • The future direction of regulatory technology in the UK

Download the full report to learn more.

This report gives a great overview of UK regulators’ current use of technology, and ideas about how it could be used better. All those involved in managing data to improve regulatory outcomes should give it a read. 

Marcial Boo


Institute of Regulation