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What happens when staying at home during the COVID-19 lockdown isn’t safe? This is the reality facing thousands of women, children and men right now.

Recent reports have confirmed an alarming increase in the number of domestic abuse calls and cases. The reality of personal risk during UK lockdown can be seen in just a handful of the figures reported*:

  • Highest number of reported killings in 11 years
  • Nearly 100 arrests on average every day in London for domestic abuse offences
  • 49% rise in calls to national abuse helpline, compared to pre-pandemic average
  • 17% rise in calls to Men's Advice Line in first week of lockdown

Helping our customers to achieve efficiency savings is our overall objective – we’re here to transform service delivery, ROI and governance after all. We’re justifiably proud that our software makes a difference. But hearing that our software is ‘a literal lifesaver’ brings a whole new dimension to that mission and demonstrates the power of technology to support communities at a time of real need.

*Sources: Counting Dead Women Project, Metropolitan Police Service, National Domestic Abuse helpline, Men's Advice Line

Protection during a pandemic

Objective Connect is supporting inspirational teams across the UK in addressing the challenges of COVID-19. Our software has helped to coordinate the transfer of food parcels to vulnerable communities across Wales and connected thousands of community volunteers across Scotland.

When Glasgow City Council’s Violence Against Women team told us their adoption of Objective Connect was saving lives, we started to think more about what else we could do to help those most vulnerable during the pandemic:

“The Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership has used Objective Connect for a number of years; it allowed us to securely share information on those victims who were at risk of being seriously hurt, harmed or murdered. Prior to Connect, we had no way of safely sharing with third sector partners. Since COVID-19, the solution has been even more critical for us. We were able to establish workspaces for all our violence against women services which allowed staff to continue to work from home and have access to the documents they needed. It has, without a doubt, been a game changer for us, and we would not have been able to function in the way we do without it.”

That’s why we’re offering 12-month subscriptions to any registered charity supporting domestic abuse victims, as our gift towards their exemplary work in meeting the increased demand.

With support of domestic abuse victims in mind, Objective Connect drives a multi-agency response to social care and welfare issues, bringing together agencies such as health providers, police and child welfare teams to collaborate on extremely sensitive personal data.

We’re passionate about making a difference and proud to help facilitate the local and national response to COVID-19. At a time when people rely on key workers more than ever, we’re here as the software that key workers, in turn, can rely on.

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