Case Study

Primary Industries and Regions, South Australia

Best practice information and process management with Objective ECM

Primary Industry and Regions South Australia (PIRSA) is a key economic development agency within the South Australian Government.

PIRSA operates in a highly regulated environment and has a responsibility to manage their information in compliance with the State Records Act 1997.

More importantly, they recognised that improving their information management strategy with an Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRMS) solution would assist them in decision-making to achieve positive economic development, resource utilisation, environmental sustainability and social outcomes.

PIRSA is committed to sustainable and responsible development decisions for the benefit of the South Australian community. Its core business functions include economic and industry development, natural resource management and policy advice and support. PIRSA supports the development of the food, wine, seafood, forestry, fibre and minerals and energy industries that contribute over $9.1 billion annually to the State’s economy.

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  • Reduction of multiple systems
  • Centralised information management
  • Improved information sharing
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Improved transparency and accountability
  • Legislative requirements
  • Creating a foundation for future growth