Manage complex, critical business documents with ease

Eliminate the risks, costs and inefficiencies associated with the traditional authoring, review, engagement and publication processes.

Cut creation, review and approval times by 30% to 50% …

Complex, structured documents

Objective Keystone has been designed from the ground up to address the needs of organisations producing complex, structured documents and digital collateral subject to strict compliance requirements.

Multiple stakeholders

Essential to this is the ability to enable multiple subject matter experts and stakeholders to be able to update and review the same content in a controlled and audited manner.


Organisations often need to link evidence to statements provided within business critical documents. This evidence allows authoritative individuals to be able to verify the accuracy and consistency of the final published versions of this content.


Co-ordinating subject matter experts, reviewers, approvers and other stakeholders in the context of a single, complex document becomes easy with the application of workflow technology.

… and publishing times by 95%

Faster time to market

The sophisticated publishing engine built into Objective Keystone enables print ready and digital assets to be automatically rendered in-house from a single source document and associated brand configuration assets.

Single source, multiple brands

Publication for multiple sub-brands or specific clients from a single source of content is a simple matter of configuration of the publication engine.

Instant proofing

Because documents can be re-published instantly, in-house, last minute changes can be easily incorporated without the costly and time consuming ‘go around’ with an external design agency.

Digital Transformation

Objective Keystone supports digital transformation initiatives across multiple sectors by enabling the same source content to be published easily to multiple different output formats, including innovative digital assets such as show reels and micro-sites.

Best practice, compliant stakeholder engagement

In-document engagement

Nurture meaningful engagement on large or complex business critical documents using embedded engagement tools such as survey questions and polls delivering in-place quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Multi-Channel engagement

Effortlessly monitor and manage all consultation activities, both on and offline, in a single platform that is powerful enough for both organisation and partnership wide management.

Stakeholder Management

Ensure compliance with equalities legislation and good engagement practice by efficiently storing, analysing and retrieving information about your stakeholders, clients and the wider community.

Empower Collaboration

Unlock the full potential of your staff and partners by enabling collaborative approach to engagement and participation.

Accelerate document production time with Objective Keystone

Thousands of pages of content are authored, approved and published using Objective Collaborative Authoring every year.

The solution provides organisations with an easy-to-use, collaborative solution to create and publish complex, professionally branded documents and content-rich microsites at the touch of a button.

All with unparalleled governance and transparency.



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Why Objective Keystone?

Manage complex, critical business documents with ease.
Eliminate the risks, costs and inefficiencies associated with traditional authoring, review, and publishing processes

Cloud Application

Avoid the cost and challenges associated with provisioning hardware and configuring software with a fully cloud-based solution.

Offering high availability, 24x7 access from anywhere and support for all major web browsers.

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Robust Security

Highly sensitive data and organisational intellectual property is safely hosted in compliant data centres.

Configure access your way using our sophisticated access control, password policies and firewall infrastructure.

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Easy to Use

Achieve high levels of user satisfaction and efficiency through role-based user experience, based on significant user testing and prototyping.

Simple and highly intuitive user interface ensures most users need little training and assistance.

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