Solution brief open government

Satisfied customers, engaged community

Respond quickly, collaborate and release information securely to demonstrate transparency, accountability and great governance.


Governments and companies worldwide are striving to maintain public trust at a time of significant disruption. The Edelman Trust Barometer notes that trust in many countries remains volatile across all four key institutions: media, business, government and NGOs.

In the digital world, we see emerging and changing views of data ownership, information rights and governance in an evolving regulatory landscape.

Breaking the cycle of distrust relies on transparency, accountability and engagement to deliver openness, along with a host of associated social and economic opportunities.

Information release requires a coordinated effort by specialists and staff across the organisation, to ensure responses are timely and appropriately balance rights of access with the need to protect sensitive content.

The question staff and executives must ask; is there a best-practice approach to managing information access requests? And can it be applied with limited impact on staff and existing systems?


Designed to support business users and specialist staff in navigating complex requirements, Objective OpenGov helps organisations provide rapid responses to information access requests.

These requests are often managed with heavily manual processes and multiple touch points across the organisation. Built on industry best-practice, Objective OpenGov enables organisations to securely automate these processes, reducing time spent on administration and supporting better decisions. Governance policies are applied throughout the process to ensure content is accurate, current and secure. All actions are fully auditable, including redaction, third party consultation and digital dispatch.