Deliver timely, consistent advice with ease

Streamline processes, improve quality and deliver on time.

Digitally transform ministerial advice, briefs and submissions with governance and automation. Built on industry best practice, offering end-to-end visibility and an outstanding user experience. Objective Ministerials enables agencies to deliver high quality, rapid responses.

Objective Ministerials offers standard, automated processes that enable agencies to provide advice and support to their Ministers.

The product incorporates proven best practices, drawn from the combined experience of public sector agencies across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Objective Ministerials meets the needs of all stakeholders

  • Business Users - work within familiar applications and a modern user interface, supported by embedded instructions, checklists and ready access to key documents.
  • Managers - have complete visibility across the process, to allocate resources, balance workloads, manage timeframes and spot issues early.
  • Records Managers - rely on tight integration with Objective ECM to ensure information governance and a single source of truth.
  • CIOs - appreciate a supported, sustainable solution with zero footprint and an extensible platform for a phased approach to transformation.
  • Ministers - receive timely, high quality responses and advice.