New API capabilities for Objective Connect.

Same Protection. New Possibilities.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

With enhanced API integration, we’ve done the hard work to make secure file sharing and collaboration easier than ever before.

Integrated Solutions. Better Together.

Millions of users already apply Connect API integration for customised alerts and actions to streamline their workflows and recover time to invest in what matters most to you. Others integrate with legacy document storage and management systems or use the Connect API to extend processes outside their organisation as securely as they can within.

Enhanced API Capabilities.

Integration with Objective Connect can now be implemented and tested with updated API documentation and capabilities. No fine print applies; this is another product enhancement for your existing subscription.

API Functionality.

Core Connect API endpoints now available include:

  • User, membership and system information
  • Workspace information
  • Workspace participant information
  • Document assets or folders within applicable Workspaces
Our commitment to simple, powerful Public API capabilities - utilising Swagger tools - means users can explore and interact with their data, their way.

Jonathan Mills

Objective Connect


It all starts with putting the right information at your fingertips. An interactive, in-browser overview of API endpoint and schema information can now connect you with:

  • Users: User actions; Workgroup membership
  • Workspaces: Workspace actions; Workgroup information and listing
  • Participants: Participant actions; Information and listings
  • Assets (Documents and Folders): Asset actions; Parent information; Asset listing

Putting it to work.

To ensure simple and robust outcomes, we support ‘try it out’ functionality in our document examples, test and review functions in your API responses and the Connect UI and offer straightforward login and testing options against a full production system.

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