Digital Plans – shaping a better future for the community

More engaging and interesting Development Plans, and a vastly streamlined process.

Development Plans are vital documents prepared by Local Authorities that shape what communities will be like in the future. They can take up to three years to produce and require input from many internal contributors and are used to consult the citizens local authorities serve to ensure their communities are developed sympathetic to the community’s desires.

The Highland Council, which covers more than one third of the land mass of Scotland, introduced Objective Keystone to prepare and consult on its Development Plans around five years ago, eliminating manual and laborious work in both the production of the plans and the subsequent consulting on the document. At the same time, the team have been able to create far more interesting and engaging Plans by integrating GIS data, maps, videos and a range of other media.

In terms of document production and streamlining the entire process, Objective Keystone is one of the best tools in the market.

Scott Dalgarno

Development Plans Manager, The Highland Council

With Objective Keystone, the Council enjoys the following benefits:

  • Large productivity gains - all 5 of the Council’s planners can author a document at the same time, managing feedback and comments is completely digital, all stages of document production and consultation have been streamlined.
  • Improved community engagement – what were once considered by the public as dry statutory documents, are now seen as more lively, engaging and exciting plans for the future.
  • Efficient and equitable consultation – buy-in from stakeholders, partners and the community is digital and efficient and available to anyone whether they’re based in rural or urban areas.
  • Compliance with Scottish Government – national policy on planning, architecture and place and its e-planning service.