Start as You Mean to Go On: An Inside Look into Joining Objective

Learn why Stuart's decision to join Objective was the best yet

As the Head of Product Marketing, I take the Objective Connect story to a global market of teams file-sharing and collaborating with sensitive, privileged, confidential and protected information.

Although we’re an independent business unit at Objective Connect, I’m fortunate to work with a team of senior product and marketing specialists based across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Here’s a bit more about how I came to Objective and why being a part of the company is one the best decisions I’ve made yet.

My journey with Objective so far...

I joined the Objective Connect team just prior to COVID-19 disruptions, which provided a unique first impression of the group. What could have isolated team members has actually brought us together with a shared sense of purpose.

The scramble to deliver millions of new connections for team members who’d never been remote workers before was challenging, but seeing my team respond to everything from new use cases to new rollouts and whole-of-government agreements said more about serving the community than anything in writing ever could. I especially love the variety of mediums we work in, including new initiatives with Google and LinkedIn, our expanding webinar series, case studies, whitepapers and engagement with partners like AWS.

Objective Connect might have millions of users in 68 countries but it’s still run by our founder, Tony Walls. His taking the time to sit down over a coffee during my interview and onboarding process said something powerful about his sense of mission and his engagement with the wider team.

From day one, I’ve been impressed with the company’s preparedness to support learning and development. Inside my first six months, I’ve completed new Digital Marketing certifications with RMIT and am now undertaking postgraduate study in Cybersecurity and Data Management with UNE.

Objective’s incredibly flat structure and culture of empowerment mean I’m free to focus on our users needs.

Stuart Buxton

Head Of Product Marketing - Objective Connect

In terms of culture, Objective can be summed up in three words:

  • Personal: Many of the most respected marketing teams in the industry still face the challenge of working with others with different goals, territories or KPIs. Objective’s incredibly flat structure and culture of empowerment mean I’m free to focus on our users needs.
  • Professional: Although it’s a global solution, the teams behind it share space, mission and resources. When you’ve got to go the extra mile for a customer, you know the team will be right there with you.
  • Proactive: Because it’s IRAP assessed for protected data, Objective Connect is often chosen by users with very specific needs. Justice users have different requirements for defence. Local government is different from federal. The Objective team have developed powerful insights for specific users that can transform their security and workflows.

And of course, working in Sydney we have a penthouse office environment that’s second to none, even if it does include a full café-barrister setup that I haven’t mastered yet!

Ultimately though, opportunity is what makes Objective a great place to work. It’s exciting to work with an Australian software success story. Our better business and stronger governance solutions are pushing the envelope on next-wave technologies including IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

For those just starting out at Objective, there are so many opportunities to take ownership. The team developing new product features are just metres away. Your marketing peers in other product groups have connected with thousands of organisations. The executive team has executed acquisitions and expansions that are laser-focused on their customers. Our sales, onboarding and support team have fewer barriers here than I’ve ever witnessed.

The result is a huge opportunity to make a difference and build a rewarding career. If Objective sounds like the place for you, check out the latest opportunities available.