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The next generation Keystone User Interface is coming.

The Keystone IQ project will deliver an exciting new user experience for our users on Wednesday October 14, 2020.

Keystone IQ Editor Screen

Cleaner, crisper and easier to use, without requiring any user retraining.

The Keystone IQ project brings Objective's highly regarded design language to Objective Keystone Version 5. All aspects of the user experience have been updated but the bulk of features you're used to are in the same place so there's no retraining overhead for current users.

Objective's IQ design language is core to all Objective's suite of products and is constantly being reviewed and refreshed to ensure maximum ease-of-use for Objective's customers.

The IQ look and feel leverages the best of the Internet's design principles to deliver a beautiful, easy-to-use and information-rich user experience for Keystone users.

The Editor

Keystone IQ Editor Screen

The Editor

A better editing experience with a familiar layout.

Increased Information Density
The editor screen squeezes more content onto the page so users can focus on the words but with the greater context of the document.

Iconography that's meaningful.
Icons are used extensively in the new IQ model to provide more meaning and context to every elements of the user's experience.

Simplified highlighting 
It's now much easier for users to see where they are working and understand what options are available for them at any point.

Communicating with colour.
The new colour palette communicates status and meaning. Once familiar, a user will rapidly understand how elements of the document a represented with ease.


Keystone IQ My Verifications


Your stakeholders’ time is scarce: use it wisely with a faster, more efficient verifications process.

Easier to use and faster to process
My Verifications is a screen that needs to be welcoming and easy to use for your stakeholders. It's critical we capture the information needed and make the declaration as clear as possible.

Verifications with no passwords.
As our customers have adopted new forms of acceptable use for authentication, we've removed the need to use your password for every verification. This makes the entire experience easier and faster.

Lock down your content once it’s approved
Once approval has been given, the section of content is locked down. You’ll never need to re-review, re-approve it or recheck it for additional changes by a colleague, manager, graphic designer or typesetter.


Keystone IQ Browse


Browse your folders of content with ease.

Better use of screen real-estate
Information Density is really all about using the available screen size the best way possible. The new Browse experience leverages every inch of the available screen real estate.

Icons and colour
The extended colour and icon palette of the IQ Design Language improves the readability of the Browse screens and make it easier to use for even the casual user.


Keystone IQ SE Vision


Our new stakeholder engagement screens are a snippet of the future. 

Graphs and Charts
Managing processes is as much about control as it is communication, so graphs and charts in IQ are an important addition to our user's experience.

Process dashboards for management
See at a glance where your document is in the process; identify bottlenecks and follow up with your team’s tasks.

Publish your document’s approvals trail in an instant
For when you need to show who did what and when. Publish a complete verification certificate showing every edit, note and approval.

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