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Regain access to the measuring tools you know and love, plus more

Lost Trapeze in a DMS upgrade? With Objective Trapeze Professional, you’ll have all the tools you need to assess, review and approve planning applications.

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If your recent DMS upgrade has removed the PDF measurement and assessment tools you need, Objective Trapeze Professional has you covered.

Many Planning and Building teams throughout the UK have felt that their latest Document Management System (DMS) upgrade came along with a downgrade of their measurement tools. Removing access to older versions of Trapeze (also known as Onstream Trapeze and Idox Viewer) has left a gap in functionality essential to assessing planning and building applications.

Measure & Calculate

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Measure & Calculate

Powerful tools to measure lines and areas with ease, speed and pinpoint accuracy.

Make complex measurements simple

Measure heights, widths and any areas with precision using Snap to Point. Work out travel distance in a few clicks. Quickly check angles for compliance. Perform calculations across multiple pages and easily track your calculations. Overlay images with ease.

Set scale with accuracy

Scale plans using pre-defined options, create your own or calibrate using a known line length. Apply the same scale to several pages at once and easily change the scale of existing measurements.

Volume Calculations

Calculate cubic volume with ease. Select from several roof types and extensions to work out the volume. Add, subtract or review percentage ratios with the built-in calculator. Perfect for Permitted Development or Green Belt Development.


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Don’t scour over a document searching for changes. Document Compare automatically detects and reveals these for you.

Quickly compare, pixel by pixel, two versions of a document

Document Compare removes tedium and saves you time by automatically detecting changes and highlighting the amended content. Easily review pages side by side or overlaid for greater context.

Catch sneaky changes at a page level

We’ve all reviewed updated plans to find a balcony has ‘suddenly’ been extended or a building given a completely different footprint than what was discussed or shown in previous plans. Document Compare finds those changes and highlights them, so you’ll never miss a thing again.

Annotate & Redact

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Annotate & Redact

Effortlessly annotate and redact your plans with smartly designed mark-up tools.

Easily flag changes or areas needing attention with visual cues

Mark up your documents with customisable arrows, clouds, text boxes, sticky notes, images, stamps and more to highlight areas of concern, draw attention to amendments or specify required design changes.

Improve RFIs and referrals by communicating visually

Describing an issue or a required change in words can be time consuming and hard to perfect. Powerful annotation tools help you clearly and effectively convey meaning with applicants and referral agencies, while eliminating unnecessary back and forth communication. The result? Faster dispute resolution and better outcomes.

Quickly redact sensitive content of any shape

Use a variety of redaction tools to remove sensitive information. Draw redactions across irregular shapes and leave clear commentary about the nature and reason for the redaction.

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Objective Trapeze Professional has everything you need to process planning applications quickly and accurately.

Take a look at the software as our Customer Success Director, Rafael Garcia talks us through the main features and how planners and building teams around the world are benefiting from its specialised tools.

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If you've lost your PDF measurement and assessment tools from a DMS upgrade, Objective Trapeze Professional has you covered.

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Maintain access to all the tools you need to assess, review & approve planning and building applications with Objective Trapeze Professional

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Features Planning and Building teams love

Transform the way you assess planning and building applications. Work smarter. Work faster.

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Navigate and zoom into sections of large maps or plans without losing clarity, and focus on the content that matters.

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Add, subtract and calculate percentages across multiple pages. Select multiple measurements for quick totals.

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Add annotations to plans easily and customise how they appear, making changes or requests easily visible.

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Safeguard sensitive data by irreversibly redacting information from your PDFs. Apply exemption codes for global Privacy, FOI Acts and more.

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Combine multiple files into one document using right-click in Windows Explorer or your Desktop.

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Overlay two sheets in different colours and fade out the overlapping lines to focus just on the changes.

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Smart Stamp

Stamp hundreds of pages in seconds, using computer vision to find the available white space.

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Easily set up, customise and lock down stamps, annotation presets and other preferences. Preview your configuration and centrally roll it out to users in your organisation.

You’re in good company

Trusted by local government authorities around the world

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Within Trapeze, there’s a few different ways you can compare plans. Those different tools have really helped our team spot differences, and that helps us secure the quality which is what we put a lot of focus on in Salford.

Anthony Stephenson

Group Leader for Development Management, Salford City Council

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See Objective Trapeze in action

Book a time to have a quick chat with me about how Objective Trapeze could work for you.

Rafael Garcia

Customer Success Director - Objective Trapeze