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5 reasons why Objective Trapeze

Looking for a complete solution? See how Objective Trapeze can turn your headaches into instant efficiencies.

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Tired of the same pain points with every application?

Here's 5 reasons why you need Objective Trapeze...

Perform complex measurements with precision and speed.

  • Measure any area in seconds, keeping track of your measurements for future reference. Easily add, subtract or work out percentage ratios.
  • Use annotation tools to mark-up documents and clearly communicate with your customers.
  • Customise styles for speed and visual consistency.
  • Set or calibrate the scale of a drawing based on a known line length.

Compare entire plans in a matter of seconds.

Spot all differences! Remove the risk of approving unassessed changes by comparing two documents with one click.

The pixel-by-pixel analysis highlights where anything has been changed – drawing or text. 

Identical pages are detected even if they aren’t in the same order and changed pages can be superimposed and displayed in different colours to quickly spot changes.

Expedite planning permission and building regulations approval.

Digital, customised stamps can be applied to selected pages, or all pages at once. The tool finds available white space to avoid obstructing any drawing or text.

You can easily review any pages with insufficient space to quickly move the stamp to your preferred location.

Establish context to review plans or assess based on pre-defined standards.

Import traditional transparencies, such as turning circles, for digital processing.

Easily display two documents, or even two pages from the same document, side by side, or use a digital light table to layer two pages for quick analysis.

Reduce or eliminate software you don’t need and integrate with the ones you do.

One solution that can:

  • Be used on a variety of document types, including PDFs and TIFFs;
  • Both combine and split multiple documents or images;
  • Re-order, rotate, add and delete pages on PDF documents;
  • Offer built-in redaction capabilities to erase sensitive information; and
  • Integrate with a number of EDRMS.


Discover new possibilities with Objective Trapeze. Find out more:

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5 reasons why you need Objective Trapeze

Download our infographic which covers the 5 ways Trapeze can help you overcome your frustrations in one document.

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On-Demand: Adopting Trapeze Professional

Hear how Planning professionals are using Trapeze Professional to generate automation efficiencies.

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Objective Trapeze - Spot the Difference Challenge

Think you can spot all differences in our digital plan challenge? Put your plan-checking skills to the test!

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