Protecting UK Government Data

Secure External Collaboration for UK Government

Securely collaborate, communicate and share highly sensitive information with external partners, all from a single solution.

Easy, secure external collaboration without the risk

Responsible for confidential and highly sensitive information, Government agencies are faced with the challenge of balancing the need for collaboration with external parties while keeping their sensitive data safe.

Take a look at the short demo above to see why Objective Connect, an ISO certified, cloud-based platform, is trusted across Local and Central Government for secure external collaboration.

Secure By Design

Standard collaboration tools limit the ways organisations can collaborate on sensitive information externally. Without the governance, control, visibility and auditing required, this increases the risk of losing data control, creates information silos and offers limited oversight of any exchange outside the organisation.

Objective Connect is packed full of features designed specifically for Government organisations that need to share sensitive information externally.

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Secure Sharing

With unlimited users both internally and externally, share any file type in seconds across teams and devices with a single version of the truth.

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Controlled Collaboration

Set a variety of permissions every time you collaborate, including preview, download, upload, edit and adding comments.

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Audit Reports

Produce an easy-to-consume report in seconds, covering who had access to your information and the actions they took.

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Continuous Protection

Apply government-grade security with encryption, embedded Anti-Virus, Single Sign-On and Two-Step verification, hosted locally in the UK with ISO2001 accreditation.

Objective Connect is the corporate method for Welsh Government to share information securely with external bodies and individuals.

Dr Steven Marshall

Head of Information Management, Welsh Government

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7 reasons why Objective Connect is the platform of choice for UK Government

Secure external file sharing and collaboration, designed specifically for local and central government and regulated industries.

Here's why hundreds of organisations globally trust Objective Connect to deliver secure file sharing and collaboration for them.

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We switched to Objective Connect from our previous supplier as we were aware just how cost-effective, easy-to-use and secure the solution is. Connect is at the forefront of information exchange and collaboration when it comes to both value and security.

Kevin Maxwell

ICT Service Support Manager, Cumbria County Council

10 Step Guide to Collaborating with Sensitive Information

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10 Step Guide to Collaborating with Sensitive Information

There’s no such thing as almost secure.

The digital transformation era has brought a wave of solutions that promote rapid file sharing with external parties. Without a dedicated secure file-sharing solution, you face risks every time you share data outside your four walls.

This guide identifies the cybersecurity required in a file-sharing solution for sensitive, public, protected, privileged or regulated information to retain control when working with outside stakeholders, maintain one version of the truth and record who did what and when.

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More than 200 Public Sector organisations worldwide rely on Objective Connect to share content securely

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Leading a multi-agency murder prevention network

See how Connect is also being used as a multi-agency, city-wide solution for supporting high-risk victims of domestic abuse at Glasgow City Council.

Img resource thumb customer middlesborough council child welfare

Improved collaboration across Child-welfare authorities and Police

Middlesbrough Council have improved collaboration across an entire social care network for rapid child welfare response. Read how Connect is helping to deliver benefits to multiple agencies and those they seek to help

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Sharing and collaboration with partner agencies across Wales during the pandemic

When COVID-19 hit, vulnerable communities were left exposed and in need. See how Welsh Government, along with the 22 local authorities across Wales used Connect to support shielding citizens.

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Supporting Communities through Cross-Agency Collaboration

Hear from Welsh Government, Audit Wales and Public Services Ombudsman for Wales as they discuss how they are able to support communities across Wales via secure external file sharing and collaboration.


See it in Action

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See it in Action

See how, with Objective Connect, you can collaborate on documents, capture conversations and control tasks with complete auditability – all from one solution.

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