Transitioning to the new User Experience

With the release of Objective ECM 10.4, and the new Objective Design Language, we have seen enormous customer interest in the ECM User Interface, with many customers starting to deploy it to users. However, transitioning to a new User Experience requires a measured approach, and an understanding of what works best, and where to concentrate efforts.

To aid you on this journey, we are pleased to announce a new Browser Adoption Pack, designed to help you deploy the new User Interface to your organisation.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to leverage the new ECM User Interface to increase ECM adoption across your organisation
  • Gain insights on the components of the Browser Adoption Pack
  • Preview the new change management tools and templates; understand the new collateral available to support your journey
  • Understand the business value the new User Interface brings to the organisation.

To register for a Browser Adoption Package, click here.