Objective Connect Webinar: A Secure Azure Cloud Collaboration Platform

Learn how secure, content-driven collaboration results in better outcomes for the community

You are working for or with a government or healthcare organization where content-driven collaboration means better outcomes for the community.


  • that collaboration occurs with people and organizations outside of your firewall – perhaps other government agencies, maybe corporations or even citizens themselves.
  • you are exchanging extremely sensitive content relating to your citizens, your strategy or your policy decisions – so security is paramount
  • the pool of external collaborators changes regularly and cannot be pre-defined ahead of the collaboration event
  • You need to capture a record of every event that occurs around the collaboration for compliance and evidentiary purposes

Objective Connect is a Microsoft Azure based, cloud collaboration service that is empowering government, healthcare and financial services organizations globally to collaborate externally around sensitive content. Workspaces can be spun up and down by business people in minutes and external collaborators can access and interact with the latest versions of the content in workspaces using a free participant account.

Healthcare Interoperability, Legal Dispute Management and Child Safeguarding (Case Management) are just some of the multi-stakeholder collaboration scenarios being enabled globally by Objective Connect today.

Join us to learn more about Objective Connect in this On-Demand Webinar which includes a demonstration of how Connect enables and then logs and synchronizes the key audit data back into a permanent corporate record for compliance and long term governance.