Benchmarking: Identifying Opportunities for Improvement

ECM Benchmarking Program

As part of our commitment to help you gain greater value from your Objective solution, we are offering customers the opportunity to take part in a complimentary Benchmarking Program.

Managed by our Consulting team, the Benchmarking Program aims to provide your organisation with evidence-based insights into usage of Objective in comparison to peer organisations, identifying opportunities for improvement and providing strategic recommendations for gaining greater value from Objective solutions.

Please join Warren Bromfield, Director of Customer Success of Objective Corporation as he takes you through the benchmarking program. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How benchmarking metrics allow us to understand areas such as user adoption, automation, workflow and your organisation's level of digitisation
  • How your usage compares to other Objective customers, and what insights can be drawn from this
  • What strategic recommendations can be developed to maximise the value from your Objective solution and ultimately lift your organisation's performance.

If your'e interested in a benchmark for your organisation, please register your organisation here.