Solution Overview

Objective ECM for Social Care

Provide the governance and protection required when dealing with sensitive and personal case information

Whilst most Social Care departments already have good controls in place for managing structured data via their Case Management Systems, many still struggle to apply the same level of compliance, control and process automation to their unstructured information such as letters and existing paper case files.

With most of these systems unable to apply even the basic Information Governance principles, such as retention policies and disposal schedules, many organisations are left at serious risk of fine or intervention from the CQC or Information Commission for failing to adequately protect the information of vulnerable Children and Adults.


  • Improve the governance and regulatory compliance of your case files and social care document
  • Automate common, repetitive business processes to drive service improvement and generate significant in-year cashable savings
  • Reduce paper files and associated storage costs
  • Ensure staff have access to relevant and up-to-date case information whenever and wherever they need it
  • Improve customer service by providing timely and accurate responses to enquiries
  • Have seamless integration with the Case Management System creating a single source of the truth for all structured and unstructured case information



  • Reduction in physical storage requirements of 80% with associated cost savings
  • Reduction in the time and cost of admin-intensive processes resulting in an average 50% reduction in admin staff
  • Improved service with easier and faster search and access to all information in one place
  • Enhanced mobility enables new ways of working with all client information accessible via a single repository from mobile devices
  • Effective collaborative working and multi-agency information sharing 
  • Seamless integration with Case Management System providing a single view point for all case information