Services and Support Brief

Process Discovery Workshop - Correspondence Management

Benchmark your existing processes, build a business case for change and improvement

The business challenge

Do you have a view of how well you are managing correspondence from your stakeholders, citizens, and stakeholders? Do you have access to industry benchmarks and real world examples, in order to measure the efficiency of your processes? In our experience, organisations find it difficult to quantify both the cost of their current process, and the potential gains to be made through process automation.

Through both industry research and collaboration with our customers, Objective is able to help you understand the current cost of your correspondence processes, and where you might stand to benefit through automating those processes.

Process Discovery Workshop

In a collaborative and interactive discovery session, identify and quantify your business challenges around managing correspondence. Using information and metrics from workshop you will receive a business-case ready report, quantifying the potential ROI for your business.




Quantify the costs of your as-is process.

Compare your process against industry benchmarks.

Access the latest versions of updates, legal opinions and commentary "at a glance" when approving content.

Build a business case for change and improvement.


  • Reduced process time
  • Reduced errors
  • Avoid bottlenecks
  • Improve process tracking
  • Improved ability to meet SLAs