News Release

Objective Corporation appointed as supplier to the Western Australian government


Objective Corporation (ASX:OCL) today announced it has been appointed as an accredited supplier to the Western Australian Government under the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Common Use Agreement (CUA) 14008. The CUA 14008 is a mandatory agreement for all WA public authorities purchasing ICT services.

Tony Walls, CEO of Objective Corporation said, “Objective’s appointment to the Western Australian Government’s ICT Services contract highlights our proven ability to deliver solutions that meet the specific requirements of West Australian government organisations.”

Objective qualified for this agreement under the Business Solution Services category, which includes the establishment, implementation, maintenance and support of information and process management solutions. As an accredited supplier to the WA Government, public sector organisations can easily procure Objective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Objective Enterprise Content Creation (ECC) solutions. The purchasing process is streamlined, with simplified, pre-agreed terms and conditions, which enable agencies to acquire Objective software and services easily.

Objective solutions have been engineered in Australia to meet the requirements of government and regulated industries. Objective ECM 8 is widely used by public sector organisations in WA and around the world to effectively manage the large amount of content and knowledge that proliferates all levels of government, managing electronic information securely and ensuring transparency and auditability.

Tony Walls said, “Objective is pleased to be working with the Western Australian Government to simplify the procurement process for their departments and agencies. We
understand the importance and value that next generation information management brings to state government organisations and we are committed to continually delivering solutions that meet their specific requirements.