News Release

Objective announces Objective ECM for Small Agencies


Objective Corporation (ASX:OCL) today announced the immediate availability of Objective ECM for Small Agencies – a revolutionary “instant-on” Information Management solution for small Australian state and federal public sector organisations. Preconfigured and delivered from the cloud, Objective ECM for Small Agencies brings the benefits of best practice information governance to agencies that were previously too small to afford it.

Until now, the benefits of best practice Information Management tools and processes have been only been accessible to privileged, well-resourced agencies. Best practice information management, especially at scale, requires specialised resources to design, deploy and maintain. Hardware and software licensing costs are clearly part of this equation but business process analysis, redesign, implementation and training are often the greatest impediment to accessibility for small agencies to best practice information management.

Tony Walls, CEO of Objective said, “Objective ECM for Small Agencies is the only offering of its kind. It embeds 25 years of experience in solving content, collaboration and process management challenges for government. We’ve made ECM accessible for small agencies by translating the information management standards into a compliant and easily deployed solution by preconfiguring the system for information management best practice.

“The result is an innovative solution engineered to solve the specific requirements of small public sector agencies, typically saving them up to six months of planning, design and deployment time, essentially it’s an instant-on solution.”

“Delivered from the cloud as a managed service this new offering removes the traditional barrier to entry of the capital budget allocation and also ensures predictability of operational expenses for the life of the solution. It’s cost effective, cost predictable and perfectly matched to governments published Cloud First strategies.”

Developed with significant guidance and input from national and state government regulators, Objective ECM for Small Agencies comes preconfigured to meet federal and state public sector requirements, including the National Archives’ Digital Transition Policy.

The preconfigured business classification scheme, security model, functional terms and disposal schedules ensure compliance but are pragmatic and manageable. The focus is on usability and practicality with compliance as an outcome, not as a hindrance to good business practice.

Data sovereignty is assured through use of an Australian domiciled cloud and it is managed and monitored by Objective Managed Services, which allows small agencies to focus their resources on their core business rather than on managing their IT applications and infrastructure.

Tony Walls said, “We believe it is vital to develop innovative solutions that enable all Australian public sector agencies no matter their size to increase their efficiency, meet their policy compliance obligations and create better outcomes for the community.”

For more information on Objective ECM for Small Agencies, please CLICK HERE