Executive Brief

Constant Regulatory Change - easing the pain of the PDS roll

Annoying distraction or transformation opportunity?

The changing regulatory landscape continues to present significant challenges for the financial services sector as they endeavour to balance costly compliance requirements with their ability to grow and remain competitive and agile.

This executive brief explores the challenges associated with constant regulatory change and the impact on disclosure production and offers insight to the efficiency gains of a centrally governed process that brings together the elements of collaborative authoring, content review and approval and document publishing.

This new approach to disclosure production is delivering significant returns for process stakeholders, the business as a whole, and ultimately, financial services customers. Benefits include: • improved operational efficiency
• increased productivity
• enhanced risk management
• reduced production and compliance cost



The Transformation Opportunity

  • Focus on efficient collaboration
  • Build compliance and risk management into the roll process
  • Utilise innovative technology to reduce time to market


Objective Keystone