Case Study

Middlesbrough Council - Connect

Middlesbrough Council, based in the North East of England, have been using Objective Connect integrated into their Objective ECM solution to improve collaboration across child-welfare authorities and local police.

Despite the best efforts of child-protection authorities, a number of children go missing every year in the Middlesbrough area. Their absence triggers a local search that may take hours and involve dozens of people across the council, police and other organisations. Yet with existing phone and email-based processes proving too inefficient or secure for their needs, it became clear that it was time for a better alternative.

With Objective Connect they quickly realised they could offer Police a more efficient, resource-effective way to collaborate on missing children. Pre-populated forms save time in conveying family contact details to police, and templates allow rapid creation of formal missing plans to guide the location process. With 32 participants from multiple agencies, versioning controls ensure that all relevant project staff have access to the latest updated information through the course of the missing-youth investigation.


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  • Rapid, secure communications between child resource workers, police, and other stakeholders of sensitive personal data
  • Better security, version control, and auditing than conventional email-based solutions
  • Faster, smoother communication with police enables a faster more effective response
  • Pre-populated forms minimise manual processing and delays
  • Third parties are quickly brought into the workspace as and when they’re needed


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